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Migrating NOVEL4 to XP-PRO

By service ·

I have the task of replacing a clien's aging NETWARE 4 server with a new XP-PRO box.
This is the last piece in a small office network (12 systems) (the other systems are all running Windows XPH or XPPRO).
I can set up the XP network without any (well...too many) headaches.
But are there any special considerations that I should be aware of that are Novell related other than a simple backup of the CRM database?
The customer already has XP versions of their database and other applications.
I'm pretty weak in the Netware department and just want this conversion to go as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Any thoughts?

Stan Cordy

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by pierrejamme In reply to Migrating NOVEL4 to XP-PR ...

Netware is a server operating system with no relationship to Windows XP, please explain?
If there is data on the NW box copy it to a workstation. Sounds to me like you are going from a secure netwoking system to a unsecure peer to peer network, is that correct?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Migrating NOVEL4 to XP-PR ...

Just copy the files to the new xp pro box. I should mention that Win XP only support up to 10 simultanious users...

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Migrating NOVEL4 to XP-PR ...

Wow... it's been a while since I've used Netware 4.11 so bear with me.

You do realize that Netware is a server OS and in order for workstations to be able to "log in", they need the novell client installed. If you are not migrating to a "newer" version of Novell, and have decided on M$, why not use Server 2003 instead of XP-Pro?

You'll want to remove the Novell Client from all PCs that are currently using it to access the Novell server.

Not sure if there is a "migration" tool that converts the Netware 4.xx NDS, but since you are going to a Microsoft product, that's probably a moot point anyway.

Sign up (free) in the Novell Forums... as I think more people can answer your questions there than here. Good Luck.

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by service In reply to Migrating NOVEL4 to XP-PR ...

A couple of points of clarification...

To FUNGUS _ I agree about 'Server 2003' but despite suggestions about alternatives, the client was adamant about XP-PRO ($$$!!!!).
So, that's what I get to work with.
At any rate, my chief concerns revolved around remnants of the original Novell in the workstations messing up the works. Which, as I write this is likely the question I really SHOULD have asked. So, thanks for the note about removing the Novell client from the workstations. I'd likely have forgotten.
As for backups...they've already been done and are waiting to be copied to the new box.
To are correct XPPRO is not going to be as secure but the comments to FUNGUS apply again ($$$).
Finally...regarding 10 simultaneous connections.
Although there are technically 12 workstations...its rare for more than 5 or 6 to be active at any one that shouldn't be an issue considering the 15 minute timeout. I know it can be changed to something less...but I'm a bit reluctant to start tinkering for fear of "breaking" the 'autotune".

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Migrating NOVEL4 to XP-PR ...

Well firstly one of the MS Server OS's is out of the question as you have XP home involved and they will not connect to a MS Server OS.

The XP Pro will work but as another person has already said it only supports 10 concurrent connections Will this be a problem? If it is you are going to have to find another solution as you'll constantly have 2 units unable to connect and these need no be the same units every day. You may be best sticking with Novel or one of their newer products for this particular application if this is going to be a problem.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If it's not going to be a problem don't forget to remove every trace of Novel's stuff off the XP Boxes. Otherwise it should be a straight forward job but I'll bet you'll find a few problems to keep you busy.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

MS has a White Paper here on Migrating from Novell 5 to Windows it covers the 4 X versions as well so it may be worth a look

Look here once the page is open.

Microsoft Services for NetWare 5.03 White Paper

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