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Migrating Office from Windows to Apple

By Hardware_Jinx ·
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I have MS Office 07 installed on my old Windows laptop which I’m retiring.
Now I've bought a Macbook Air, wonder can I migrate Office from my old laptop to MBA?
That is uninstall Office from the old laptop and download a copy of Windows 07 for Apple and install on MBA using the same product key.

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No you can not

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Migrating Office from Win ...

The Mac version of Office is different to the Windows version and you'll need a Mac Version of Office to run on your Mac. That is of course assuming that you continue running OSX on the Mac as it's based on BSD not Windows and doesn't run Windows Programs.

Of course if you strip out OSX and load Windows the above doesn't apply but it seems pointless to buy a Mac and do that.


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You could, but...

by jqbecker In reply to Migrating Office from Win ...

Why would you want to? Just get Office for the Mac and make your life simple.

If you really really want to do this, you need to do one of the following (in order of cost, complexity and increasing usefulness):
1. Use Boot Camp to create a Windows partition then load your Windows 7 DVD to it.
-Not really useful, you can run either Windows or OS-X but not at same time.
2. Use VirtualBox software to create a virtual environment to run your Windows machine
-More useful, VirtualBox is free, but a bit buggy, and you have to fiddle with settings to make it stable
3. Buy a copy of Parallels and create a virtual environment to run your windows machine
-Most useful, you can run a complete virtual machine, or just run Office in a virtual environment.

But like I said, make your life easy and just buy Office 2011 for the Mac.

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Too slow.

by mrgeek.1974 In reply to Migrating Office from Win ...

No needs for these difficulties!

If you plan to use Office for Office documents, load iWorks instead; these apps have a completely different interface but much mighther regarding functionality and fully compatible with Office files. This software cost no money now.

If you are still need MS Office "as is", obtain the version 2011 for Mac and enjoy the full integration of Office functions into Mac's world. No problem (except money).

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