Migrating Server 2003 Active Directory

By ndumbalo ·
We are currently using Server 2003 as our Domain Controller. We have just bought a new server which needs to replace our current server. Is there any guideline out there to help me migrating Active Directory from the old into the new server? Is ADMT v3.0 good enought to help me? Thank you in advance.

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Prep your new server...

by taboga In reply to Migrating Server 2003 Act ...

...join it to the domain as a domain controller in an existing domain. After that, you probably just want to duplicate all the functions and roles of the current server: DNS, DHCP, Global Catalog, etc. -- basically cloning your current servers settings. Once you are satisfied that the new server is up-to-speed -- power down your current server. Let the new one run solo for whatever period of time you are comfortable with and when you are certain all is working as should be, put the old server back on-line and run "dcpromo" to demote it.

That's what I normally do and it works fine for me. The KEY being that my old server is still there and if I have screwed-up something on the new one -- I can get the old one back on-line until I resolve the problem.

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Thank you very much,

by ndumbalo In reply to Prep your new server...

I will use this technique.

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File Permissions

by Robotech In reply to Prep your new server...

Nice reply, exactly what I would have suggested. I'm about to remove my 2000 DC (which is also a file server) from my domain after adding a new 2003 R2 to take over it's roles. The only thing that has me nervous is: How can I transfer the files to the new machine and keep the same file/folder permissions as they are now on the 2000DC?

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