Migrating servers to switch roles

By frank ·
I have two servers A and B.

Server A meets an application?s hardware requirement but is running SBS 2008 which is not compatible with the application due to SQL issues.

Server B is running Windows Server 2003 Standard which meets the application?s OS requirement if I add SQL, but it does not meet the hardware spec.

Is there a ?simple? (yeah, haha) way of swapping the roles of these machines without a full reinstall of both?

Will the workstations see the domain as the same ID after the migration so I don?t have to rejoin all of them?

Are Ghost or the disaster recovery option of Backup Exec possible options?

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None that I see...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Migrating servers to swit ...

Unless they are of like hardware (same mfr, chipset, etc), you are probably looking at a reinstall if you wish to swap hardware.

Best of luck!

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cost vs cost issue

by CG IT In reply to Migrating servers to swit ...

if it costs $500.00 or less to upgrade hardware to meet apps requirements, that's probably the way to go, swing migration costs $200.00 for the swing documation and support to accomplish swing, plus the cost for the time and effort for the tech to do the swing [probably around $300.00 in labor or 3 hours work [SBS swing runs by itself but someone has to check every once in a while].

That's just to swing the SBS2008 installation to the hardware you want to swing to, which will be SBS 2008 when finished [Windows 2003 server will be gone].

Then there's the added cost of installing Windows server on the hardware that you want to use for the app, patch it, and install your app on it.

So, which is cheaper? upgrade existing hardware, buy new hardware or try the swing with lots of labor involved.

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might work

by frank In reply to cost vs cost issue

It's the processor and RAM on the second server that don't meet the requirements of the app. The cost of the upgrade would be more or less replacing a Poweredge 2900 with a newer server. I have to add the SQL anyway.

I'm not familiar with SBS swing, is that a MS tool?

Will the domain on the new server retain the identity that it had on the old server? I'm hoping to not have to reattach the workstations and migrate profiles.

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Swing migration isn't a MS Tool, if you google it, you'll find it

by CG IT In reply to might work

It's a tool someone created and yes it's supposed to retain the domain and all it's setting including user and computer accounts. Read the material on the web site.

And if you have to add SQL anyways, I would venture that probably it's time for new hardware if you want that hardware hosting the application and SQL for 5 to 7 years from now. You might not get that with an older server that's already seen some years.

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