Migrating to Upgraded Computer

By WGGuthrie ·
Hi Guys
I have just ordered an upgraded PC Tower to replace my generally reliable but ageing Dell Dimension 8200 unit running on Windows XP.

The spec of the new machine is:-

AMD Phenom Quad Core 9500+
500GB SATA II Hard Drive
Sony 18X DVD+/- RW Dual Layer drive
Nvidia 8500GT 512MB DDR2 graphics card
Network socket and USB x 6
Motherboard is ASUS SKT-AM2 M2

I have purchased an OEM copy of Windows Vista with the intention of doing a clean install. Also my ISP is AOL and accordingly they have advised that I need to upgrade to a modem/router to allow AOL to operate on Vista. Consequently I have purchased a Netgear DG834 modem/router to facilitate this transfer.

I am a bit inexperienced in these matters and would ask for any advice on likely problem areas with the clean install of Vista or the setting up of the modem/router to access my ISP. I need to ensure that my internet access is not compromised so that I can then download all the software I need to replace the stuff left on the old PC.

Any tips on easy migration of data etc from my old XP-based system to the new PC would be appreciated. I do have a 320GB External Hard Drive that I currently use for back-ups.

Many thanks

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Backup anything even remotely useful

by OH Smeg In reply to Migrating to Upgraded Com ...

And copy it to the new machine when it's finally ready. But be aware that you may need to format the External HDD with the Vista Machine before Backing up everything . It just depends on how old the external HDD is and if it is supported by Vista Security when it was originally formatted.

But a few notes here which version of Vista did you order. Not all will support a Quad Core CPU. While every version of Vista will run on this unit not all will work the CPU to 100% efficiency. Some of the base versions of Vista Do Not support more than 2 cores.

As for setting up the Router this is in the owners manual and needs to be followed without deviation. It would also help no end if you where to Update the Firmware on the Router that way it will remain as Secure As Possible.

You can get the latest Firmware here but you need to know which Model DG834 Router you have

As for assembly test the assembled M'Board out of the case before fitting it to make sure that it works. Sit the M'Board on some clean blank paper to prevent any Static Discharge getting it while you do this.


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Problems Ahead??

by WGGuthrie In reply to Backup anything even remo ...

Hi Col
Many thanks for your helpful comments. For your info the External HDD is a Western Digital My Book Essential USB 2.0 unit purchased about 8 months ago. Don't know if it is supported by Vista Security but will check WD website for info.

Now here's where the problems start - I have already ordered and received an OEM copy of Vista Home Basic. I only use my PC for home accounting and gaming so decided that the "bells and whistles" of the higher versions were not really necessary. How high do I need to go before the OS will run all 4 cores?

Additionally the PC is being built by a third party so I don't have the option to test the motherboard before installation.


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OK Walt the assembly bit was just to save you time & effort

by OH Smeg In reply to Problems Ahead??

It's not overly important.

The WD Drive should be OK as it was bought after Vista was released and should be supported by Vista.

As for Vista you can buy a New Product Key from M$ and change that and the OS Installed will be the higher version. All different versions of Vista come on the 1 DVD and the different Product Keys enable different functions.

The Ultimate, Enterprise and Business Versions support 4 Core Operation. No surprise there M$ wants the money from End Users so they only enable the higher CPU support in the upper versions. I personally haven't used this product since the Beta testing days and the information about supporting Quad Cores comes from the Product Launch.



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