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    Migrating users from workgroups to domain


    by nburchett ·

    I have recently taken over a pre-existing network and two satellite offices (approximately 150 users). The current network uses a workgroup and I am considering switching to a domain structure to centralize everything and to make things easier on me as I am the only source for IT support and management.

    My concern is migrating the users to a domain and the headache that could result in trying to retain each users profile information.

    What steps have you taken to make this task easier and most of all, seamless to the end user?

    Again, keep in mind I have no staff, so all tasks (along with everyday SA duties) will be done by one individual: Me.

    Also cost is of high importance. I have experience with Samba so that is probably the route I will take to reduce costs as opposed to a W2K3 server and CAL costs.

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