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Migrating Users & Passwords to W2K Pro

By jr0410 ·
Currently, we have a Novell 5.1 server and 25 PCs running Win98. We want to "upgrade" the PCs to W2K Pro. However no two PCs are the same. Most have programs specific to either particular users or offices. There are 80 users who have sign on privileges to all machines for the basic programs that all PCs have and everyone uses. I do not want to do clean installs on the machines because of all of the different software programs. I do not want to re-create all 80 users and passwords on all 25 machines either. Where or how do I create a "master" list of users & passwords that I can use on each PC so that I don't have to re-create them on each PC?

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Migrating Users & Passwords to W2K Pro

by seanmcpherson In reply to Migrating Users & Passwor ...

Our group recently went through something like this except we went from Novell to MSAD. Run screaming. Really. You do understand that WIN98 is FAT or FAT32 and W2K is NTFS, right? You should be able to upgrade the computers with no problem. You should set up a test machine using Win98 and all the critical programs your org. may need. Upgrade to W2K and see if it all works.
You shouldn't have to do any more than that. If you were migrating servers from Novell to Microsoft, then you would need the user and password lists. Trust me, make the test machine, you can go from FAT to NTFS, but not the other way around.

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Migrating Users & Passwords to W2K Pro

by jr0410 In reply to Migrating Users & Passwor ...

We found that when we "upgraded" rather than doing a "clean install", we had problems with using a few programs...too much "bad baggage" left over from Win98. The problem arises when doing a clean install, you have to re-create all of the users foreach particular PC. We have 65 users all with rights to using all PCs!!! I don't want to re-create 65 users if I have to do clean installs on all 25 PCs.

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