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By Michael34 ·
My school just got 102 new Dells in its huge collection of computers, and they are all running XP and using the Novell client to run on the school's network.

The problem is, in the past when we used 98, we were always able to clone a single computer to the rest of them over the network. With the newer setup, we weren't exactly sure how to do that. So, the question is, if you have 102 computers running XP, is there and easy way to install the software on one machine and clone it while keeping the serial numbers and everything different? Basically not screw up the network. If its not possible, I need to know soon as school starts in a week, and we haven't installed the software on them yet (thats my job now, im the fricken computer guy in a school full of tech teachers).

But how would you go about doing it? Even if its not the easiest, as long as it works that would be great. Thanks!

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