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Migration from Exchange 5.5 to 2003

By sathishp ·
Dear all,

My name is sathish. I have exchange 5.5 hosted with address in my office and it is working fine. Recently, we've registered a new domain, we are planning to migrate from exchange 5.5 to exchange 2003 environment. I'll be using as my new email domian in exchange 2003 server, but i dont want right off the existing domain ( for some point of time (at-least 6 months period minimum). so how can i achieve this ? i also dont want to maintain a seperate server for my old 5.5 enviroment ( email domain). So, is there any way i can setup my old email donmain ( along with my new email domain ( on exchange 2003, so that i can receive the old domain emails automatically to the respective mailboxes .

FYI: Im concerened about receiving the mails only from my old mail id because i can always reply a request to the sender to update their email address with my new email id.

please excuse me, if im asking very basic question, but i would be really greatfull in receiving the know how to achieve it.

my email id is:

please help me ASAP cause im have to achieve this in couple of days.

THanks in advance.


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Here's how

by sstark In reply to Migration from Exchange ...

I hope you are an Exchange admin or have extensive knowledge in Exchange migrations, but here goes. This is by no means everything you need to consider when upgrading from 5.5 to 2003, but I hope it helps. Reply here if you need more info.

When you install Exchange 2003 you can choose to allow it to co-exist with Exchange 5.5. Do that. Once you have the Exchange 2003 installed, you can begin migrating accounts over from 5.5. You can either use the Exchange Mailbox Migration Tool or you can manually migrate them using EXMERGE. Some users will fail to migrate (probably) and you will be forced to use EXMERGE. If you use EXMERGE, be sure and save the user's personal folders as they are not preserved with EXMERGE.

You can give your new 2003 Exchange any name you wish. Then you can update the MX records on your DNS server to deliver mail to both smart host names.

After you have migrated all users to the new 2003 server, you will need to make sure all public folders have successfully replicated between the two sites. This will require an SMTP connector (which I hope you already have set up). Once replication has completed (takes days usually), you can then begin taking your Exchange 5.5 server offline.

I did the exact thing you are trying to do back in April. Let me know if I can be of any other help.

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