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Migration from win 98 to win 2k

By shawnyharrison ·
I am in the middle of creating a migration plan for a network of win 98 PCs and servers to win 2k. What I am looking for are references from those who have physically completed a successfull migration so that I can avoid as many pitfalls as possible.

Thanks for your input.

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by CG IT In reply to Migration from win 98 to ...

will this be a migration from a Windows NT4 or better network to a W2K/W2003server Active Directory environment?

how old hardware wise are the W9X client computers. W2K Pro/WXP Pro O/S has hardware requirements that older x86 computers may not be able to meet. Though the minimum processor memory and hard drive specs appear to be compatible with older x86 based computers, often times W2K will not install dcorretly or not install at all. this is especially true with WXP.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Migration from win 98 to ...

Windows 98 is now over 7 yrs old. First check that your machines are W2K/XP compatible (see MS' Catalog page).
I would go for Windows XP if the machines will take it (<3yrs old).
Also I would go to Windows 2003 Server rather than w2k, the differences are small (IIS 6, VSS, Clustering are biggest differences).

Planning and a good design is paramount before starting anything like this. Get as much info about your existing setup as you can, see what can be migrated to what W2K or XP.

There is loads of docs on Active Directory on MS site so read those if going for a domain (I suggest you do, rather than a workgroup).

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by tjk007 In reply to Migration from win 98 to ...

There is also alot of good info and useful tools in the W2K Resource kit. It all depends on what benfits you're looking for. Planning and documentation are crucial to a successful migration.

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by shawn In reply to Migration from win 98 to ...

Save yourself some money .. for a domain controller you can turn an older win98 box to a linux box with samba( one good winxp server Then use a terminal service device like net expanion.( Saves time,money,and headaches.

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