Migration from XP to Vista

By Staggerlea ·
I have a printer which works great using Windows XP Professional but it will not do so using Windows Vista Home Basic.

Can anyone help me


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Well you can visit the makers web site and see if they have

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Migration from XP to Vist ...

Any Vista Drivers available for this printer or you can scrap the printer replace it with one that has Vista Drivers or try installing the XP Drivers in Compatibility Mode.

But just like everything printer makers do not supply software for their old obsolete printers for new Windows OS's, there is no return in it for them to attempt this.


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Been There

by Staggerlea In reply to Well you can visit the ma ...

HeyOH guess what I tried that and bearing in mind I am in South Africa the local agent for the printer was totally unconcerned and suggested I buy a new printer. Guess which brand will be excluded. Thanks for thr reply


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XP & Vista Drivers

by tonyjameshart In reply to Migration from XP to Vist ...

What brand and model of printer is it? The best solution is to get the Vista drivers for the print device. If there is no driver available you may try using a XP driver and hope. The lastest XP driver is the 2nd best bet. The first is a vista driver. Just try all drivers available until one works, if that does not solve it then we may be out of luck.

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XP & Vista Drivers

by Staggerlea In reply to XP & Vista Drivers

Hi tonyjameshart (tjs) the printer is actually a Canon Multifunction Smartbase Multipass MPC200. Good suggestion though. I will try that and hopefully I will be sorted.

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a few ???'s

by brian In reply to Migration from XP to Vist ...

What Make and Model Printer?
What is it not doing correctly in Vista?

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XP & Vista Drivers

by Staggerlea In reply to a few ???'s

Hey Brian it is a Canon Multifunction Model Smartbase Multipass MPC 200. The computer cannot install any of the drivers submitted.
Thanks for your reply

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Hidden Cost of a New OS

by TheChas In reply to Migration from XP to Vist ...

As you have found out, there are hidden costs to upgrading your operating system.

It is also not just Canon. Nearly all of the printer manufactures and many other hardware devices that worked just fine with XP will not function with Vista.

Be it Canon, HP, or Epson, they just cannot afford to write new drivers for Vista for every printer model that is in service.

Most manufactures set a cut-off date based on the end of production for their devices and only write new drivers for what they consider to be current and recent product.

Other than buying a new printer, you can try using Windows Update to search for a device driver.

Still, odds are that if Canon does not have a driver you can download, Windows will not have a driver either.

Just another caution, many of the Microsoft supplied device drivers only support the basic primary function of the device.


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Hidden Cost of a New OS

by Staggerlea In reply to Hidden Cost of a New OS

Hi Chas thanks for your input and unfortunately you are correct. I was wondering if there was a 3rd party who did created drivers commercially to fill this obvious gap.


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You can run your XP printer on VISTA......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Hidden Cost of a New OS

First get hold of the XP drivers for your printer and burn it to cd.
Next load on the Printer drivers cd (but do not install them), right click on the program in your cd drive and select "Properties > Compatibility", now put a tick in the box "Run this program in Compatibility mode for", and select "Windows XP SP2", next, run/install the printer driver disk. This will now load in Windows XP SP2 mode and your printer should work fine.
Hope all works out for you.

By the way there is no Vista drivers for your printer in question, but running under Windows XP mode will be fine.

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