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Migration of Access Application to VB 6

By steven.inglis ·
I current have a Microsoft Access Application written using DAO and would like to convert the database to Visual Basic 6. What is the best way Forward? as many of my queries and based on queries?

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many scenarios

by matt.osborn In reply to Migration of Access Appli ...

This process (along with several scenarios) are documented on

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you're crazy

by Aaron_kempf In reply to many scenarios

a better path of migration would be from Access/Jet to Access Data Projects.

VB6 won't give you any performance increase. SQL Server will.

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Migrating from Access to VB

by privately_owed In reply to Migration of Access Appli ...

Is this a single-user (desktop) app? If so, then I don't see migrating to ADP gaining you anything except complexity, and possibly tying you to a relatively obscure format that may die soon.

I'd leave the data/queries in Access, and look at porting the code over to VB. Assuming it's a relatively recent (97 at least) version of Access, and you make little or no use of expressions or macros, you'll probably get away with only having to physically rewrite relatively small portions of your code.Event handlers, calls to the DoCmd object, and anything that references DBEngine(0)(0) will have to be rewritten. If you keep using DAO (no reason not to in a desktop app) you'll be able to leave most of your data access code intact, though.

There are products on the market that will claim to automate this process for you. Even though I've never used one, I'm dubious about how successful they might be. Also definitely check out for tips.

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