Migration of AD 2000 to AD 2003

By john_tanms ·
Dear Sirs,

Could you comment on the scenario below regarding migration from AD 2000 to AD 2003, to new hardware.

Current Systems:(windows 2000 server), in a single domain environment.

Server A, is a DC, with DNS, DHCP, WINS installed.

Server B, is a DC(holds all 5 FSMOs roles),installed with Exchange System Objects(to create windows users and mailboxes), used for file-sharing as well

Server C, is a member server, with exchange 2000 installed.

Now I would like to migrate over to 3 new hardware, that will run on AD 2003. and the new Exchange2003 server will remain its old name.

Any tips or advices.Thanks.

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Fairly simple

by georgeou In reply to Migration of AD 2000 to ...

The safest way to do this is to use VMware Physical to Virtual migration tool to create a virtual sandbox of the AD and Exchange environment and do a mock run first. If that goes well, then try it live. I DO NOT recommend doing this kind of a move on your live servers unless you want to risk going to the unemployment line if something goes wrong. Treat this kind of a move seriously.

To do the move.
#1. BACKUP existing AD.

#2. Add new Win2003 AD server to the domain in mixed mode. That will suck in the old AD. Take one of the old 2K DCs offline (power down) as a last ditch recovery.

#3. Create new exchange 2003 server (do NOT keep same name; not recommended) and join it to the exchange site. Migrate users over to new server.

#4. Remove old exchange server and demote all legacy 2K ad servers.

#5. Convert to native 2003 mode.

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ADMT and Exmerge

by CG IT In reply to Fairly simple

I've used ADMT and Exmerge and haven't had any problems moving over AD and user mail to new hardware. The one issue with exmerge is time when users have kept all their emails. To speed up the process, they can save to PST and import to outlook.

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Migration is Simple

by pavan.n21 In reply to Migration of AD 2000 to ...

better to use this softwares for safe migration of AD and Exchange with Zero Impact on the existing network

i have used the above tools to migrate my 200 Domain to 2003 Domain. In fact during migration my clients was not interrupted

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