Migration of Exchange 5.5/W2K Server to Exchange 2003/Server 2003

By ykrayter ·
Migration of Exchange 5.5/2000 Server to Exchange 2003/Server 2003
I need to migrate Exchange 5.5 hosted by Windows 2000 Server to Exchange 2003 hosted by Windows Server 2003.

However, I have difficulties even find any manual/documentation to explain how to do this migration: all manuals assume that Exchange 5.5 is hosted by Windows NT Server, not Windows 2000 Server...
Also, my domain is still Windows 2000 domain, so Exchange 5.5 will be migrated to a member server 2003 inside Windows 2000 domain.

Please, help me in pointing me in the right direction for finding documentation for this particular migration.
Also, any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance.

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migrate or upgrade?

by CG IT In reply to Migration of Exchange 5.5 ...

this is about the best article for going from 5.5 to Exchange 2003.

I've used standard path and it works well provided the exchange 5.5 server is stable. Note: the whole process can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day depending on mailbox size and # of users.

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Thanks, it is great article, but...

by ykrayter In reply to migrate or upgrade?

the article does not give any information/specifics for my particular situation: I have Windows 2000 Server hosting Exchange 5.5 NOT Windows NT Server as a host OS... within Windows 2000 domain...and want to migrade to Exchange 2003 hosted by Windows Server 2003 (member server in still W2K domain)...

Any additional ideas?

Thanks again.


Can you suggest

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Halfway there

by Churdoo In reply to Migration of Exchange 5.5 ...

First of all, where've you been for the last 6-7 years? LOL just kidding!

Seriously though, since you've at least moved the users into 2000 Active Directory, you're halfway through an Ex5.5/NT to Ex2K+/AD migration; the articles that were written to bring you from Ex5.5/NT should still be of value, it's just that you already must have the ADC in place (Active Directory Connector) for your setup right now to be working.

This article may be useful: and in general, is one of my fav sites for Exchange technical information.

In a nutshell, you'll ADPREP your existing 2000 AD controllers with /forestprep and /domainprep, build your new 2003 server and then install Exchange 2003 AS A MEMBER of your existing Exchange (5.5) organization.

Once this is complete and you can see both servers in the Ex2K3 Server Manager, replicate all of your public folders to both Ex servers, and then replicate all of the system folders too.

You'll test some mailbox moves and then Mailbox move your users from the 5.5 server to the 2K3 server. Don't worry, if all goes well, Outlook will re-home the users to the new server the next time they launch their Outlook.

Reconfig/test inbound/outbound mail flow through your E2K3 Server. Are you using OWA (Outlook Web Access)? If so, your users will love the look of OWA on the 2K3 server.

Once your mailboxes are all homed on your 2K3 server and public folders and system folders are in place and happy, and mail flow is going through your E2K3 server, you can think about removing the EX55 server from the org and retiring it. A quick search should bring up an article on retiring an exchange server. Once 55 is retired and everything is replicated and happy, you can clean up by removing SRS and ADC, and upgrade your exchange org to 2000 or 2003.

This is meant as a very broad overview and not a step by step, hopefully will give you a taste of the process.

Good Luck! and post back if you have more questions.

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by CG IT In reply to Halfway there

that's how it works.

just follow churdoo's general outline. It hits all the important points.

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