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Migration of GroupWise

By jmcnally ·
I have a migration to take care and need to make sure of the following:
It is a single Post Office Groupwise machine to Windows 2003/Exchange 2003.
I want to make sure that
(1) If I use msdss tool to synchronize the users from the NDS to Active Directory, the users are going to still be in the Novell box in case the migration fails.
(2) Once users are in Active Directory, then I can install and migrate GroupWise to Exchange 2003. The same issue here. If I migrate the groupwise user accounts and mailboxes from the single post office, is the information still residing at the groupwise box?
Or Is there a need to synchronize in stages to do the migration? The netware machine is going to be moved out of the network and be replaced by the exchange machine at the end of the migration.
Can any one give me advice on the procedure?
I am doing the following:
Installing windows 2003
Updating Windows to latest SP and patches
Promoting to DC for AD and DNS.
Installing Netware Client for Windows
Installing MSDSS
Migrating users into the AD in the Object create with the name Migrated Users from Netware.
Install MS Exchange
Updating to latest SP
Running Migration Wizard for GroupWise
Migrating Mailboxes, emails and users
Installing Veritas Software.
Testing Exchange with Exchange best practice analyzer
Run the MSBA tool

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by pierrejamme In reply to Migration of GroupWise

Just a few thought sot get you started.

While lengthy, your question needs clarifications:
1. What version of GroupWise and how many mail boxes?
2. What version of NDS? Netware?
3. Is all this happening on one server? If you have 2 servers, NDS and AD can exist in the same network so the user migration is no problem. But if you are trying to migrate NDS users and GW users to the same server. see my point

We just completed a migration of 85 boxes from GW6.5SP3 to exchange off site, so not the same thing. However there are lots of gotchas switching from GroupWise to Outlook 2003. Even if you use Add/Remove to uninstall "Windows NT Messaging", "GroupWise Addons" and GroupWise and then run the appropriate Nexic Groupwise client removal you will find "Novell Default Profile" in Mail after installing Outlook, which needs to be removed and Default profile added.

We used a program called Transend Migrator 5.0 to create a Transfer File that can later be converted to a PST. It also converts NAB files to *.csv files that can be imported into Outlook.


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by pierrejamme In reply to

As you can see, I didn't answer any of your Exchange questions. This is because I don't have to fool with it or know anything about it.


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by evkuo In reply to Migration of GroupWise

I've never used MSDSS (we used eDirectory for Windows to do our syncing), but as to the Exchange part, yes, the data will still be there. This only caveat that I ran into the last time I did this was the calendar items come in as an attachment to a system created email and you need to import them in manually.

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