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By optiplex755 ·
Implementing a new ECM and and starting to look at MIME Type to distinguish orphan files. Okay now if a file does not have a MIME type, what does that mean? Do I need to convert this file to another format? These files don?t have MIME type because they are too old? When did MIME type start being used?

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What kind of files?

by seanferd In reply to MIME Types

That is, what extensions do these files have? Not all file types have a MIME type.

Not sure how you'd use this to distinguish orphan files. What do you mean by orphan files in this case? If a program that used these file types is uninstalled, there will probably be no MIME type associated, unless these are common file types.

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Type of files

by optiplex755 In reply to What kind of files?

There are many different files, hundreds of file formats, the most popular being MS office files. Orphan files meaning these are no longer in use but need to be ingested into the new ECM. I was wondering if there is an application out there that will read mime types and tell you how many files on the drive has a mime type.

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I'm not finding anything which does exactly that.

by seanferd In reply to Type of files

But if you can go by extension, or a group of extensions, a regular search will turn them up. E.g., search for *.doc; *.docx

Type Parser will do this automatically for the whole drive.
Make sure to check the program options as the app defaults to listing files over 1MB only.

For lists of official MIME types, if you need them:

This is all I can really find at the moment. Anything for sorting files by MIME type that might work the way you suggest are bits of code to be used in other development projects in Java or PHP.

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