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By ted.wong ·
I'm planning to order some new PC's for my development team. We're still using P4's with 2 GB RAM and 60 GB HD.

What do you think should be the minumum system requirements for web and SQL developers in a Windows environment (sorry to MAC and Linux supporters)?

CPU? RAM? HD? Video Card? Monitor size? etc...

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The cheapest from any of the big suppliers will do

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Min System Requirements

But they will most likely be much slower that your current units which are way over speck for Minimum Requirements.

If you want something for the future that doesn't need replacing every second week I would be looking at something better with a Dual Core CPU it's own Video Card at least 100 GIG of HDD Space and a Volume License License for Windows XP as Vista still isn't ready for the Business environment yet.

However if you are thinking of using Vista you'll need the fastest Dual Core or better CPU that you can afford at least a 256 MEG Video Card several Gigs of RAM a 200 GIG or better HDD and stick with a Volume License of Vista Enterprise. Only thing is that you'll need at least 5 machines to load your new Volume License Copy onto as that is the smallest VL that M$ offers but once you have the Volume License you can buy licenses of one or more as required.

If you want to include Office 2007 the same applies when it comes to VL Product from M$.


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