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2005 Dec. 21 - Wed.

by senju In reply to Minami Senju

<p>Today was very nice and quiet. Ohyama-san was out of the office and so was Yamaguchi-san. This can be nice, if it is a slow day like today but can be very stressfull if the network is having problems and it out of my technical scope.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Today, I just clean up my email which is mainly requests. I also, clean up some paper work but only half of the pile next to me. I still have the other half which I plan to do tomorrow.  I find that organization is the most burden and time consuming task of my job. I think most IT guys would aggree. I try to organize but it is hard to keep it up! </p>
<p>In the later afternoon, I started up an needed project of adding phone numbers to users accounts in Exchange. I could take a few days to do but it much needed I think. However, I think most users and using the Phonebook tab on our Intranet to access internal phone numbers. But it is nice to have them at the tip of Outlook Address book and also Ohyama-san asked me (some time ago) to do this...which I am pretty sure he has already forgot about. But it always a nice thing to surprise him about a finished project that he forgot about. I need to work on setting up the new ISA server but first things first. I need to organize a little bit more. I also have to update our documents of our network. Now, that going to take some time and GIS is waiting for me to finish this. UGH!!!</p>

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Apple PowerBook G4

by senju In reply to Minami Senju

test<br />What? I cannot copy and past to this?

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Work I did

by senju In reply to Minami Senju

Work I did today : 2006 - 05 - 30<br /><br />1. I finally finished creating my Security patch system<br />   Now all I need to do is implement it.<br /><br />2. Found out about Google Microsoft Search<br /><br />3. Found out about Google Search History and Tap it.<br /><br />4. Found out that Outlook2007 does not work with Exchange 5.5<br /><br />5. Managed my Firefox tabs better<br /><br />6. Found out about WinPC managine.<br /><br /><br /> 

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