minimized windows

By basemkhawaja ·
when i click on a link it only opens in a minimized window. i tried the dragging sides and maximizing button.then ctrl close or file exit none has worked , what can be causing this recent problem and what is the solution Thanks

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Request for Clarification

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Clarifications

What OS is involved here?

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Properties menu

by glen.harris In reply to minimized windows

Hi there,

Assuming you are are using a Windows machine and talking about a specific application, you can right-click the applications icon then click properties. On one of the tabs there isyou should find a dropdown box with the option to run Minimised, Maximised and something else. Set the app to Max.

Alternatively you can open task manager and right click the running application there where you'll find the same options.

I don't have a Windows box to hand at the moment so can't give you more detailed info at present.

Good luck,

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Reponse To Answer

by basemkhawaja In reply to Properties menu

I already tried that it does not fix the problrm. My problem is when i click on links , say from google results , then the window is minimized, Please help!!

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Properties menu

as Oh Smeg asks above....what operating system? xp, 7, vista....etc...

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Manually launch it...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to minimized windows

Is this shortcut/link calling a batch or command (.cmd) file?

If not try this - This is assuming it's a Windows OS: right click on the shortcut/link. Copy the "Target" (click in the field and press CTRL-A then CTRL-C). Click the Win icon in the taskbar, select Run and paste it (CTRL-V) in the "Open:" field and click OK.

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