minimum Flash requirement for IOS image

By realdreamsplus ·
Release Date: 18/Mar/2008
Size: 8031.25 KB (8223996 bytes)
Minimum Memory: DRAM:48 MB Flash:32 MB

This image is only 8MB,why it requires 32MB Flash since basically Flash is used to store IOS image?
Is it true that generally I can copy an image to a Flash a little bit larger than the image?As long as I can copy it to flash,I can run it,right?

In flash requirement,I never see sizes like 24MB.Is it because the Flash requirement only has 8,16,32 and so on and those irregular sizes are not considered but I can still run a image smaller than my Flash.For example,run this image with 8MB+4MB SIMM Flash.


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Flash holds IOS

by CG IT In reply to minimum Flash requirement ...

to suggest a possible reason,...do you ever see your 3600 decompressing the image after boot ? if not, hookup your console cable, use hyperterminal, boot up and watch on your hyperterminal screen to see if your 3600 decompresses the IOS image after the bootstrap loader completes.

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by santeewelding In reply to Flash holds IOS

You don't see what I think I see?

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I see the tree

by CG IT In reply to CG

Just because someone doesn't say anything doesn't mean they don't know.

and sometimes one has to ask/say something that solicites a response to discover hidden truths.

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I think the image is decompress into DRAM instead of FLASH

by realdreamsplus In reply to Flash holds IOS

My understanding is during boot process,the router read image from flash and decompress it into DRAM,not to the flash?

like this image

Release Date: 16/Aug/2005
Size: 7538.** KB (7719840 bytes)
Minimum Memory: DRAM:48 MB Flash:8 MB

There's no extra space in flash for decompressing.

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well said

by CG IT In reply to I think the image is deco ...

So then if you know how the system works, then the you should be able to answer your own question.

If you have an IOS that takes up 12MB of space and you have flash of 8MB, can you store the image in flash?

IOS can be loaded from other sources than flash.

and your asking questions about why Cisco makes their hardware the way they do. Gotta ask Cisco that.

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