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    Minimum i should spend on a smartphone?

    by arnoldhwang ·

    My current phone is having issues, as i said in another post, the screen is cracked down the middle, which isn’t a big deal for me, but i can’t receive calls, i have to call the caller back who called me, how much do i have to spend on a new, or used/refurbished smartphone to have a smartphone that lasts a long time?

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      Here it’s 20 to 30 USD.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Minimum i should spend on a smartphone?

      Walmart has a 20 to 30 dollar Android pre-paid phone that is good enough for many. My last Apple iPhone was a model 6 and I can’t remember if the refurb was 99 or 150 USD. Just last week I donated my last two Apple iPhones since for me they aren’t worth it.

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        by arnoldhwang ·

        In reply to Here it’s 20 to 30 USD.

        I mean i heard a while back, not sure if it’s the case now, that people who spend less than $100 on a smartphone shouldn’t expect that smartphone to last very long. And that if you were to spend money on a smartphone, you should go for ones that are part of a well known brand. I could be wrong, but i wanted to make sure by asking what other people thought.

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          To be perfectly honest any phone that gets dropped

          by the master2 ·

          In reply to Really?

          Is going to most likely be a brick that is not worth repairing from an economic point of view be that a $16.00 No Name Brand or a $1500.00 Name brand.

          The only real difference between the No Name Brands and a Branded phone is that you are likely to be able to get parts for the branded phone but they can and quite often do cost more than the phone itself. Just liek Cannon and the cheap inkjet printers where you can buy a new printer far cheaper than the cost of the Ink Tanks in it.

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          For me I spend a bit more.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Really?

          Two of our family have the Moto G7 Plus from over a year ago. Another has a Moto G 5th Gen from 2017. My Moto G 5th Gen was fine but I caught a deal and moved up.

          But to the question, even the 20/30 buck Walmart Android is a good phone, perfect for most users.

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      20k to 30k

      by jaceytome ·

      In reply to Minimum i should spend on a smartphone?

      20k to 30k PKR is enough

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      Depends on what you’re used to.

      by brenualt ·

      In reply to Minimum i should spend on a smartphone?

      Really depends on what you’re used to. If you’re used to an up to date iPhone, you probably won’t be happy with something that costs $100. You can get by with a $100 phone though (eg Redmi, Moto, Oppo). You will find various annoyances…micro USB charging, no weatherproofing, bit stuttery at times, camera not great (but still as good as flagships from 5 years ago), no NFC, fingerprint reader not great….but if that’s not a problem then at the end of the day, everything WILL work fine.

      I have to disagree with the $20-30 value though, that will not be fine for most people, it will be incredibly frustrating to use. A decent up to date $100 phone will be fairly slick, have enough memory, have decent battery life and a solid screen.

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