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Minor typo....

By sloan ·
Near the beginning of the article, the author says "...the XMLHttpRequest object offers a standards-based approach to increase response time.". Shouldn't that be "REDUCE response time"?

Thanks for the great article with a good example that shows how to use this technology. I think some of the comments hit on a couple of really good questions though for those of us who have to develop fully cross-browser apps.

1) How to detect if the object will be available on the user's browser (i.e. if using IE, is Active-X enabled?).

2) How to work around either the user not wanting this feature (bandwidth issues?), or it not being available.

Both would seem to be out of scope for this article, but would be a good topic to follow up with.

I think that, under the right circumstances, one could make an argument that using this technology would actually reduce bandwidth usage. Since only the data is shipped back and forth, and not all the HTML used to build the page, pages which allow the user to select and edit data rows might end up using significantly less bandwith than refreshing the page to move from row to row.


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