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Minutiae, ha! Too many languages is the problem.

By grzollar ·
I started in Fortran, no number just Fortran so I go back a few years. C, then C++ and Java. UNIX and its scripting variants followed by SQL.
Oh, and how can I forget COBOL. Enough already.
Now there are more languages than a sheet of paper in 7pt font can list.
Forget excess stuff in a language there are simply too many languages to all do the same things. Input, output while calling or executing some function(s) based on some logic. Are any significantly faster? Do any 'really' do it better? Does COBOL still have more lines written than anything else and if it does what does that say?

How many languages does it take to draw and populate a window?

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It depends...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Minutiae, ha! Too many la ...

I try to keep up on which language is in demand but for my own projects I use my favorites.

90% of the programs I've been writing lately have been in AutoIt, a wonderful language that puts VB to shame.

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back in the 1970s...

by john.a.wills In reply to Minutiae, ha! Too many la ...

Cobol, Fortran and Algol were all evolving towards a similar Algol-68-like form. But Algol 68 itself never became popular (although it was loved by those who used it) and the convergent evolution seems to have been supplanted by an expansion of possibilities.

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