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Mirror DOS Partition on Netware Server

By Stilton13 ·
Software mirror with 2 scsi disks on one controller in Netware 5.0 box.

How do you mirror the DOS partitions?

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by pgm554 In reply to Mirror DOS Partition on N ...

There is a command in Novell (at the server prompt) called dosfat.nss.It will let you mount the dos partition as a volume that can be mirrored .However, its stability in 5.0 has been questioned in the past. (Command line ?load dosfat.nss? without the ??)

If they are going to spend money upgrading the disks, go to hardware RAID.
There are plenty of supported solutions that are cheap.
LSI logic or Adaptec can be had out on Price watch starting at about $129.00 and are way better than software RAID. (And the DOS partitions are mirrored automatically in RAID 1)

Even IDE raid isn't all that bad. I am using an Adaptec 2400a and it works just fine.

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by scott.d In reply to Mirror DOS Partition on N ...

They way I usually do it is this. First, created a matching DOS partition on the second drive. This must be done before the Netware partition. Next, format it and do an XCOPY from c: to d:. Don't forget to make the d: drive active. This isn't a real-time mirror, but will work if you remember to update it whenever necessary. If you don't create this, you'll have a tough time getting up and running if your first drive fails.

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by Weiss.Martin In reply to Mirror DOS Partition on N ...

But remember - if you remirror via xcopy - you should do this after every ServicePack or ProductInstallation (which modifies c:).

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by michel.deme In reply to Mirror DOS Partition on N ...


The best way is to include the Xcopy commands (with right switches) in a .bat file invoked by the autoexec.bat file. Doing this enables automatic and on demand mirroring between C and D.


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