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By lopezvic85 ·
I just installed a 300gb hard Drive added it as a secondary drive. My Primary drive is 160gb and it is almost full to the point i cant install new programs that are to large into it? If i mirror the drive into my 300gb and make it my primary and use the 160gb as the secondary will that work? or will i loose the programs I no longer have installation cd's for?

Is there and easier way to do this? Or is this the only way to do this?

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Most HDD manufacturers supply CLONE software....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Mirror hard Drive

... You didn't say what brand the HDDs are, but most HDD manufacturers supply cloning software so you could clone your old HDD to the new HDD and be up and running on the new one in a short period of time. You could then put the old one back in as a secondary, wipe it using Windows and use it for more storage.

The one problem you may run into after cloning is the drive isn't bootable. Normally, this doesn't happen, but it's a possibility. If it does happen, there are ways to fix it.

Ooops, there's another possibility too. Your BIOS might not recognize the new size of HDD. But, usually, if you use the disk supplied by the manufacturer to boot with (this is where the cloning takes place), there's usually a utility which pops up telling you that your BIOS don't recognize it, then asks you if you want IT to fix it for you.

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Or you can use the Trial version of Acronis True Image

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mirror hard Drive

It is available for download here


Fit the second HDD install the application and then using the software clone the 160 GIG Drive to the 300 GIG drive when you run the application it will tell you it needs to reboot he computer and run the utility in what you see as a DOS environment while you setup this utility tell the system to use all of the available space on the Cloned HDD and this will give you room to move after you have switched the drives over.

When it finishes shut down remove the 160 GIG Drive and boot the system. After you are sure that everything is right you can wipe the 160 GIG HDD and then use it as a Slave Drive.


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