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Mirrored disk config

By azizhakim ·
Good morning peers.A disk mirored system question.
I have 3 scsi disks on one controller.Have an ide drive as well that houses The os(BOOT PARTITION).The computer boots from scsi id 0.I have noticed in event viewer the disk has bad blocks,ran checkdisk utility,On reboots warning message to backup as imminent disk failure.Drive 3 on scsi controller has been deleted and I have mirrored the two volumes(DISK 1 AND DISK 3) On the scsi controller.Now I need the Pc to boot from
the mirrored volume.The procedure is where the dilemma is,ALSO EVEN THOUGH THE PC BOOTS FROM SCSI
AND BIOS IS DISABLED THE BOOT.INI STATES THE MULTI ENTRY NOT SCSI ENTRY.I WON'T replace the mirrored volume and regenerate since it is HOME project.My basic need is to bootto mirrored drive and remove the failing drive altogether since it is my AD DC,By the way it is win2000 and I have just installed another DC for reduntancy due to imminent failure.Any help will be welcome

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Mirrored disk config

by betterthanthelotto In reply to Mirrored disk config

I'm not a certified tech, but I've done a lot of mirroring (with NT4) for my own company, and since no one else has answered with a solution, here's an idea. If your primary need is just to boot to a mirrored drive (not necessarily a SCSI drive), why don't you just buy 2 new IDE drives. Put 1 in & mirror it to the existing bad one. Then BREAK the mirror, shut done, & put the new good drive in the bad drive's position (i.e. drive 0) - you could also put the 2nd new drive in at this time. (I would suggest putting the 2 IDE drives on separate controllers/cables.) Boot back up, make sure all works, if so establish a new mirror between the 2 new good drives. If it works, you've got your OS (& maybe apps) on the mirrored IDE drives & can use themirrored SCSI drives for data storage, sharing, etc. And, since the bad drive is still functional, you can archive it or keep it for a while just to make sure everything transitioned smoothly and you'll still have access to the original data if you ever need it. Good luck

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