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By ramakrishnan.a ·
What is Mirroring? Explain it breifly?

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by john_wills In reply to Mirroring

There are at least two meanings in IT for "mirroring".
1. reflecting something unchanged, notably email, as e.g. you have an email address at ACM but ACM does not store your email, rather forwarding or mirroring it to your real email address.
2. performing an operation in each of 2 CPUs so that if one CPU breaks the program can continue in the other; Tandem computers work this way.

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by MMackie esq. In reply to Mirroring

A backup method where you copy all the data (in real time) to a second storage location) ? This way by copying two or more copies of the data, you will be able to recover from disk failures etc much more quickly and decrease downtimes and costs ? This method is mostly used on servers


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by wlbowers In reply to Mirroring

The computer writes the same data to 2 drives, the computer thinks they are one, at the same time.

Brief enough


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