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mirroring disk I/O error

hi tech wizards!
i have some questions, my server has 3 partitions (c,d and e,). C contains the system, drive D contains the data and the last partition E contains all the driver i need. I upgrade this to a dynamic disk and create a mirror set, both hdd have 80gb capacity. The mirror is successful on drive C and D but not on E, an error always occur..."Disk I/O error". So right now, drive C and D has is only mirrored on the 2nd HDD, what is wrong with the 3rd partition? Do i need to have a bigger HDD capacity as my mirrored disk?

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by curlergirl In reply to mirroring disk I/O error

There is definitely a problem with the disk you are using for your mirror. My guess is that there are some bad areas on that portion of the disk that cannot be written to, so the mirror can't be created. Alternatively, if the disks aren't identical (same mfr and model), you could be running into some issue with the geometry of the drive, although that's less likely. I would just get a new hard drive and put it in place as the mirror. It has to be at least equal to or larger than the disk you're mirroring from.

Hope this helps!

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by NQBEST In reply to mirroring disk I/O error

thanks curlergirl, you are right! seems my 2nd hdd has a problem, do you think there will be no problem if i just mirror the two partition and just keep the remaining space on the 2nd hdd unallocated which is its present condition now.

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