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Mirroring SAN Solution

By rocco ·
Hello all, I am trying to find out what hardware to use for a proposed SAN solution.

My client would like 1 SAN to store data on and a 2nd SAN to mirror that data and a 3rd SATA array that will archive this info. they would like the mirror to be a hardware solution so if there is any failure the data can be put into new hardware.

I tried doing this with HP hardware but I was told it is impossible. We are looking for some kind of duplexing of the fibrechannel cards.

Please help

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We use Hitachi Data systems kit

by neilb@uk In reply to Mirroring SAN Solution

We have a couple of AMS500s and use HDS's Trucopy software to keep them mirrored. TC runs on the disk subsystems. We're mirrored by FC over IP but it would work as well - if not better - over a simple FC connection.

Ours are 15TB each with mixed FC and SATA disks and it will go up to 45TB. They do a smaller unit, AMS200 and bigger kit up to HUGE.

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HPUX uses mirrorDisk UX. Windows is easy too!

by X-MarCap In reply to Mirroring SAN Solution

I would use dual fiber cards and an EMC raid and san the whole Shebang with PowerPath, duplication and load balancing at the same time. If you are really doing it on the cheep, I would use Hitachi kit, only if I had no other choices.

I like SCSI raid. Use WINMIR software for the SATA drives.

If you like, you can put them all, FC, SATA in the same Clariion, just in two trays... 300GB SATA X15 gives you 4.5 TB/TRAY of SATA. Raid 5 the thing for 3.5 TB with multiple parity drives.

141GB FC disks X 15 give you 2.1 TB pre mirror...

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There is not realy enough information to answer

by jsparks In reply to Mirroring SAN Solution


Theres not enough information here to answer your question. There are way to many ways to accomplish this. Yes you can use EMC, HDS, CPQ/HP, SUN, LSI/Engenio and others storage software to do this. But, cacading arrays (or even LUNs) can be very complicated and you must understand what the customer needs to do. If you are trying to do this inexpensivly you will need to post more about the operating systems, applications and customers data recovery plans in case of failiure (i.e. how much data can be lost, what types of outages does the customer expect or what disasters they are planing). This will determine what if any soltuion will work for them.

Good luck.

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Can be done with HP hardware...

by _Psyk_ In reply to Mirroring SAN Solution

A solution like that can be achieved with HP Hardware. You may have been looking at some of the more entry level array's which don't have hardware based mirroring.

You'll be looking at the HP EVA to achieve this. You can combine both SATA (it's called F-ATA) and standard Fibre Channel disks on the EVA so the one piece of infrastructure will house online and archive storage.

As per the last post, really need more info, but from what you've asked, data replication can be achieved with the right HP hardware and software.

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