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Mirroring Win2k Shares over a WAN

By Matt H ·
I want to be able to mirror some of the shares on 3 servers to shares on a NAS box over a WAN. It'll be about 10GB but has to run over night on a Saturday as that's the only time the network is quiet enough.

Is there any software that I can use to do it? I've looked at things like xcopy, but only want to do incremental copies - only files that have changed. Googling has produced nothing usefull. I'm happy to use VBS but have very limited knowledge and even less experience with it.



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by ITmanTPC In reply to Mirroring Win2k Shares ov ...

Why not use DFS? It is built into W2k AD and you can do the file replication if you need too.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Mirroring Win2k Shares ov ...

I do something similar (copy a shared user folder to a DR site over a DS3), and I just use a .BAT file, and ROBOCOPY from the Win2K Resource Kit.
ROBOCOPY can look at the Archive bit, and make decisions on if it should copy based off of it or not. Myself, I just copy everything everytime I do the copy, so I don't use that functionality.

hope this helps

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