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By kaza_maza_77 ·
Hi, am about to start my BA graduation MIS project and am totally stuck, If anyone have some helping resources ,templates , guides and links to any helpfull website I would be greatful.

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Hope this helps

by amcol In reply to MIS Project

I don't have what you're asking for, but I do have some advice for you.

Rethink your approach. It's September and you're about to start your senior project, which means you have seven or eight months of work ahead of you. It also means you've been studying the subject matter for at least three years. With all that, you don't have the imagination or interest to come up with an idea on your own?

The world is filled with people who want nothing more than for other people to do their work for them. It's not a condition that's confined to IT, so I'm not telling you to rethink your career choice. Getting ahead in life means having a work ethic, performing to the best of your ability, giving more than you receive, being interested in what you're doing every single day, giving the best you've got every single day. You're off to a poor start.

You're young, so you have the opportunity to change. You only need the inclination. Do it now. It's a lot harder later. Keep on with the same attitude you currently have and you're in for 40 or more years of a drudge-like existence, taking no pleasure from anything and just putting one foot in front of the other, day after day after day after day. Sound like any fun to you?

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He's right, but...

by DC Guy In reply to Hope this helps

I'll play good cop to Amcol's bad cop. You seem to be mired in a left-brained environment. Analyze, plan, do, check for variances. Those are important tasks and important skills. Still, you need to use the other half of your brain to be a whole person.

Practice your creativity. Surely it will soon be illegal to use the phrase "think outside the box," but since it isn't yet, you should try it.

Do you have any interests that fall outside your academic specialty? Do you draw, paint, write, play music? Do you go on walks through the park or down the beach or along the river or simply through an unfamiliar neighborhood and let your mind wander? Do you sit down with your dog sometimes and let him decide what to do next? (If you don't have a dog, then get one right away. You're life will become incredibly richer. If you can't have a dog where you live then just frelling move, it's too important.)

Do you play? Sports are okay but it seems to me that some of them have evolved into severe cases of in-the-box thinking; still they will loosen you up and take your mind off of school. Games like go and chess might do a better job of activating your right brain and promoting imagination and creativity even if you end up having to get your physical exercise on a treadmill while listening to your favorite music.

A good technique in a situation like this is to STOP thinking about it. Let your unconscious mind work on your project and see what kinds of ideas percolate up into your consciousness. You have to be uncritical and treat the ideas that pop into your head with respect, don't say to yourself, "Oh that's ridiculous." Consider it a brainstorming session with yourself.

If you don't find yourself having ideas about this stuff when you're "off duty," then perhaps the previous comment has some merit: You may really not be interested in it.

Everyone wants a career in a high-paying field so they can provide for their family and have a secure future. But there's a limit on what your spirit should have to endure to make that happen. Many people have nervous breakdowns halfway through that "ideal" life and end up poor, single, and sad.

Besides, in case you haven't been following the news for the past couple of years, IT isn't the fabulous, high-paying, secure job that it used to be. The only thing worse than following a career that isn't in your heart because it will provide a comfortable life is to do so and then find that it actually doesn't provide a comfortable life.

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