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MIS vs. CIS Degree...Which One?

I am at the point in my college career where I can either complete my Management Information Systems Degree or my Computer Networking and Security Degree. Both will take the same amount of classes and I am coming down the home stretch. Given my background which consists of a few certifications which are now out dated and my 10 years in the IT field, most in the Technical Sales Support arena (proposals, system builds, working with manufaturers and distrubutors, etc)...should I shoot for the Management role or the hands on role. I like the hands on but am 36 and need to make the right decision as I am not getting any younger . A already hold an Associates Degree in Business Management ~ not sure how much that is going to help though.

Anyone out there ever faced with the same decision? What path would you pick?

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MIS is not M of IS but IS for M

by john.a.wills In reply to MIS vs. CIS Degree...Whic ...

So MIS may not give you the step you seek to management. You do not have a fork in your career in which you choose between a management path and something else but between two something-elses. However, I suspect that MIS would give you a greater feel for management structure than CNS. Both MIS and CNS involve some graph theory, I suppose the latter more. Does graph theory give more insight into business than data structure? I doubt it. So I recommend MIS, but not for the reason you associate with it. Your Associateship in Business Management should help even if it is not recognized by hirers.

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