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    Miss DST Novell 5.1 update


    by errick.lewis ·

    I miss the dst update for a novell 5.1 server.
    How can I update this server to the current day light saving time?

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      by errick.lewis ·

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      Actually, you don’t need a patch for this and can fix manually

      by why me worry? ·

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      You can set the DST start and end times from the monitor.nlm when you go to server settings, then time, or you can modify the timesync.cfg file located in the sys:\system directory, which I believe should have the DST start and end times. Simply modify it from the original April and October dates to 2nd Sunday of March and 1st Sunday of November, and then restart timesync either from monitor.nlm or with the following command:

      set timesync restart flag=on

      You really should upgrade to Netware 6.5 OES at the least, because 5.1 is no longer supported by Novell and is way past end of life. Novell I believe has already stopped providing patches and service packs for it.

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