Missing Accessories

By pbaloyi ·
Please help i cannot see my accessories under start->programs on windows xp sp2. On add/remove windows components the accessories and utilities is checked. I tried to repair the OS but there was no change.

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Follow This

by dhuffine In reply to Missing Accessories

Click Start,
Control Panel,
Add Remove Programs,
On the left hand side, "Windows Componenets"


Make sure the first Box Accessoris and Utilities is checked. If it has a check immediatly click Cancl, if it is not checked then check it and hit NEXT.

If it was checked then you probably accidently deleted the short cut out of the start menu.

At which point I'm not sure how to get that back without going through a long process.

Let me know if this helped or not, and if you need the log process I will provide.

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It's not a 'long process' at all - it's exactly the same!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Follow This

Except that instead of deleting 'Accessories and Utilities' you add them back in again.

What's difficult about that?

Remember now?

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by dhuffine In reply to It's not a 'long process' ...

I guess my long process would be creating a new user login and copying the directory because other than using add remove programs I'm not sure how to access that

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I would first try

by The Scummy One In reply to Well

unchecking the box, accepting the change, and then re-checking the box and re-accepting. It should add it back if it was accidentally removed. If that didnt work I would start looking around at other options.

just my .02 though

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Yet another way.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I would first try

First, check the rest of your menu items to make sure you haven't clicked and wiggled the mouse at some time thus "dragging" the accessories into another group.

If you still can't find it anywhere, here's another way. Remember through all of this, the start menu is just a bunch of shortcuts.

If your account has admin privaledges so you can see it, right click the START button and choose "Explore". Windows Explorer opens up to the Start Menu folder under your own account. Click the plus sign next to Programs and you'll see everything that appears when you actually click the START button (all shortcuts).

Now, IF you can see it, you can copy the entire "accessories" folder (right click and copy) from the All Users -> Start Menu -> Programs account into the same location in your account (right click Programs and paste). That re-establishes the shortcuts on the start menu.

Remember, when a new account is created, it copies these shortcuts to the new account Start Menu anyway. Copying them again has no bearing on how the work.

Also remember, messing around while in this view of your Start Menu can have unwanted consequenses if you mess something up. Be sure you know what you're doing while in there.

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geez, giving more warnings!

by The Scummy One In reply to Yet another way.....


Or they can do a search for accessories and find where a shortcut resides, but allowing Windows to put it back right is the best bet anyway.

I was just commenting on the 'longer way' and bringing up my first thoughts of what to do before the 'long process'.
I think that is what OM was trying to say.

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missing link

by Amalia In reply to geez, giving more warning ...

I tried to get the accessory back but unfortunatly that is still eluding me .
I now have a farther problem that I have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the operating system and all my periferals so its going to be a few long nights for me if I dont throw it out of the window before hand.But thanks for trying anyway.

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