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Missing Desktop Icons using Windows 2000

By jfs0909 ·
I have been attempting to fix this problem for several days. I am unable to view my desktop icons upon startup and cannot even get them in safe mode. It appears the problem may be linked to Internet Explore of which when I try to execute it never comes up. There have been a few suggestions to correct the problem which deals with actually entering commands to which I am not skilled enough to know. Appreciate ant help or suggestions that anyone might have.
In the meantime I am able to operate using Task Manager whic is very cumbersome and at times causing slow response.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Missing Desktop Icons usi ...

Sounds to me like more of an issue with explorer.exe than IE. Many times a corrupted explorer file will cause slow system response times as well as not displaying the usual desktop icons. First I'd update any AV or spyware definitions and scan your system for malware... if the system will allow you to do so. I hope you have a recent backup of your important data, as a re-install may be the easiest solution. If you wish, you can try a repair of the installation as well. Best of Luck

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by mex_carnal In reply to Missing Desktop Icons usi ...

Last week an employee called me telling me that she was not able to view any of her desktop icons.

What happened was that she accdentally unselected the show desktop icons.

To enable to show desktop icons do the following:

Right click on your desktop, go to "arrange icons by", then click on "show desktop icons". If its already selected you should see a check mark on the left side.

Hope that works as for the internet not coming up I think thats a different story.

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by james.reed In reply to Missing Desktop Icons usi ...

I am missing the icon for outlook 2003 on my desktop using windows 2000

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