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missing .dll's

By kk909 ·
I have written, his makes the third time asking for someone to desperately help me. My system says that I am missing some of my dll's. I am trying to install my scanner which was installed at one point before and it worked fine, but then I upgraded to win 98SE. I had so many problems with the SE, I talked to Microsoft and they said that may the best thing to to would be to reinstall windows 98. with 98SE, I could not get any of my USB devies to work my printer, DSL, scanner nothing. I finally did uninstall the SE and went back to the 98, I was finally able to get my priner working, but the DSL wuld not work, Bell South came out and as soon as he touched it it crashed, don't know what he did, I was just mad over that. Come to find out, when he crashed my system=, he reinstalled Windows but he insalled 95. He said he could not get hte DSL to work. So after a week after me fighting with them they sent someone back out, the secod guy couldn't do it, anoher came with him he got it working, but that still leaves my scanner, says it is installed, but when I click on o scan says i is warming up that''s as far as it goes, won't can. It says that the MAXKERNL.DLL is missing along with about 5 other .dll's, Please SOMEONEONE HELPS ME

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by sgt_shultz In reply to missing .dll's

sounds like you need to reinstall the scanner drivers. write down the model number and go the mfg website. download the drivers compatible for windows 98se. see if they have a place to search and type in maxkernl.dll there (make sure spelling is exactly correct) just to see if anybody reporting this problem. if you are all upset and in big hurry do not bother. it is going to take some careful reading of screen and patient poking around. will take time. possibly you will need to manually uninstall drivers first due to all the action that has been happening on your pc. you can do it if you stop freaking out. not that i blame you. find instructions on how or maybe a nice little uninstaller utility if you search scanner mfg website for 'uninstall' and/or 'manual uninstall'.
we need more to help you. scanner model number. exact error messages. just the facts. there is a bunch of tweaking needed sometimes to get usb stuff installed correctly. but it is all do-able and well documented on support.microsoft.com. search for usb win98se troubleshoot. do homework here in future before upgrades

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by bigkenny In reply to missing .dll's

try this site http://www.dll-files.com/ hope this helps

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by ytvsoftware In reply to missing .dll's

Have you tried just to search the DLL by name on your harddrive? If your harddrive was not formatted and uninstall have not removed it you have to find it. Then copy it at your current windows directory. Also make search in the windows registry by the name of DLL. If you have the DLL it is posible the application use registry to locate it. If it is the case move the DLL to the directory pointed by registry.

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