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    missing drive designation


    by undone1z ·

    hello, i partitioned my hard drive and it worked fine for a long time. Now my D: drive designation is missing. All of my information is still in my computer. It shows up as used space, it just doesnt have a drive designation so I can’t access it. Is there an easy way to get this drive renamed? I bought a program that allows me to extract the information but it is a very lenghty process. Thank you for your help.

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      Reply To: missing drive designation

      by scott_thomass ·

      In reply to missing drive designation

      Have you Partition Magic by Power Quest if yes then install the programme and run. From here you can see all partitions and give them names/drive letters.

      The other method is to get a DOS bootdisc (available in internet… is a good site for such things) and once booted use xcopy to transfer the data from the one partition to the other.

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