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    missing / duplicate drive


    by shdwsclan ·

    My setup:
    (A) Seagate ATA 120GB
    (B) Seagate ATA 120GB
    (C) Seagate SATA 400GB on Promise SATAII150 TX4

    I used the Seagate Diagnostic to test drive (C), the drive passed the surface scan but failed the file structure test. Therefore, I assume that its not a physical problem but a software problem. The drive is NTFS formatted with only 1 partition (1 372GB and the second required partition of 8mb).

    Also, drive (B) seems to be duplicated onto my controller card according to the Seagate diagnostic tool. I’ve checked, and the partitions in this duplicate are exact, name for name and size for size.

    During pre-boot, the drive is detected by the controller.

    I also used bartPE and the drive is also detected a drive E: with the correct partition size of 372GB, but no free space readout. When I run command promp on BartPe and try to change the drive letter to E:, it states that there is no direct access to the drive.

    I dont specialize in hardware but the only thing I could think of is that the MFT could be damaged.

    Is there any way to recover data files from the drive or fix the MFT if I am correct. Most important to me is to recover the files. Repairing the MFT without reformatting would be nice. If repairing the MFT recovers all my files, then that would be nice. I dont want to loose any data from that drive.

    Can anybody remedy this problem ???

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      HDD Utils… for recovering your information.

      by enrique corona ·

      In reply to missing / duplicate drive

      Hi, what can you do in that situation is to download some tools, i recomend you to first of all install easy recovery, if you cant recover your inf. whit this tool, go and search for hirens boot cd, it has a util in DOS NTFS DOS pro is called, it runs a CHKDK /R to your disk and it recovers bad o damage strings of your hard drive.

      if that fails, search and download the UBCD an run a hitachi’s util named as DFT (drive fitnes test), this is the best software i’ve now for detecting errors on the hard drive.

      hope this work whit you…

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