Missing DVD Icons in My Computer

By LionJon ·
I have recently lost an Icon in My Computer. I have 2 DVD drives, one of which is on view. When I opened the side panel of my machine, I found that one of the DVD drives connectons off the broad wire connector which runs from the top DVD drive to the motherboard had come loose.I reconnected the connector, but on a restart found that the other DVD drive was missing as well. I disconnected the drive which had the missing Icon and the Icon for the 1st drive came back. I repeated this process again with the same results. Both DVD drives show in Device Manager, both indicate they are working correctly, yet I cannot seem to get my machine back to having both Icons showing as before. Can anyone assist with this problem please? Should I delete the DVD drive with the missing Icon from Device Manager and try again? My last question is: when I checked the broad wire connection which runs fron the top DVD drive I found that the top drive was connected to it, should the lower drive be connectged to it also? (initially it was not) Please bear in mind that I am not a computer expert. My knowledge is very limited so any help must be simply stated so that I can follow explicit but simple instructions that will, hopefully, let me solve the problem. Kind Regards, Lionel Jones.

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Try this

by IC-IT In reply to Missing DVD Icons in My C ...

Power off the computer.
Connect the top connector of the IDE cable (the connectons off the broad wire connector) to the top drive and the middle connector to the lower drive.
Verify that the bottom connector of the IDE cable is connected to the motherboard.
Verify that both have a power connection.
Power up the computer and see if both drives appear.
If they don't, then open Disk Management and see if they both have drive letters assigned.
Let us know if this solves your issue.

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Missing DVD drive Icons

by LionJon In reply to Try this

Thanks for your assistance. I will try your suggested solution and keep you informed. Regards, LionJon

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One observation.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Missing DVD Icons in My C ...

Things like this don't just come loose all by themselves. Obviously, someone was messing around inside and knocked something loose.

So, how about telling us the WHOLE story now, please?

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To ThumbsUp2

by LionJon In reply to One observation.....

I can assure you that the last thing I would want to do is mess around inside my computer. I do not understand that much about them. It was sent to a repair engineer some time ago because I had lost sound. He restored it. Both DVD drive Icons were showing afterwards. I had used the DVD drive since the software repair. It was some weeks after that when I found the Icon for one drive was missing after trying to use it again. I opened the case to try and cure the problem at no further cost as I am an O.A.P. on limited income. I failed, hence the call for further assistance. Nothing was touched until then when I tried to connect up what was, apparently, just a disconnected cable. Regards, Lionel Jones.

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