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Missing emails. where do they go?

By ITgirli ·
Okay. I'm the system administrator (empty title) at a small company. We deal with clients on an international level, so email and internet are important for us. Around 12:30pm today I had one person come in with an email problem. She couldn't send emails. They just sat in her "Outbox" (we're using Outlook 2000). I had her call the receipient who informed us that she had received it three times. Then as I am looking at her email screen, the incoming mail thing "dings" (you know how it makes a commotion when you receive mail in your Inbox). However the email never showed up in her Inbox. So we had other people email her and only one in five actually showed up in the Inbox, but each of them "dinged" upon arrival (ten "dings", but only two showed up in the Inbox). Can someone please clue me into what is going on with this? I thought it was just her computer, but one other person had the same problem. Out of about thirty other people on the network, no other similar problems were evident. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

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Possibly Inbox corruption

by JamesRL In reply to Missing emails. where do ...

I've had the same thing happen - both in Outlook and in Lotus Notes. In both cases the inbox was corrupt - the mail notification came from the server, and the mail never arrived locally(this is presuming that the Outlook settings as such that the mail is downloaded to the local client).

Does anyone there have any tools.


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by ITgirli In reply to Possibly Inbox corruption

Hardware or software? or were you implying the employees? quite a few of them are tools.

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Surprising - I would like to know

by manmohan74 In reply to Missing emails. where do ...


Just a suggestion

1. Check if any incoming message rules where set/being redirected anywhere else.
2. Check if you have strong spam filters set (either in your company or at the service provider end)

3. I would be interested to know where the mails could be disappearing if the above two dont work

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me too.

by ITgirli In reply to Surprising - I would like ...

They weren't being redirected. the spam filters are set, but not to the point where nothing gets through. I left on Friday with this problem still going. Came in this morning and there was no longer a problem. If it fixes itself, I still get paid. It's a good world out there. I would still like to know what happened.

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by Grim_Deeds In reply to me too.

It might be time to run the two Outlook mailbox repair tools mnetioned in the TechRepublic post linked to below since the issue could re-appear. Make a backup of the current one before running either. It should be interesting to see if they find errors.

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