Missing excel file in Vista

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I have worked on a excel 2007 document, that I have saved numerous times. I restarted machine and file was missing, not available, cannot find in search! Where is a location that I can search for this file?

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Solution, it might work .

Missing excel file in Vista

Open a Command Prompt window. At the prompt, type:
dir c:\*.xls /s/a

This is the most elemental form of the command, but many variations are
possible. Dir is the old MS-DOS command from days when folders were known
as directories. The C says to start in the Root of Drive C:. The *.xls
says to list all files with that extension, no matter the filename. The /s
switch says to search subdirectories, all the way to the bottom. And the /a
switch lists ALL files, even those with Hidden or System or any other

Of course, you can search Drive or X: or any other volume, and you can
use wildcards to search for .xl* files, in case it used a different Excel
extension. As with any command in the "DOS" window, type the command
followed by /? to see a mini-Help file listing all the switches and
parameters you can use with that command.

To access locations that might require Administrator credentials, you can
right-click Cmd.exe and Run as Administrator to open an
Administrator:Command Prompt window. In this window, all commands and
applications run elevated.

If this doesn't find your missing file then there is no file saved.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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do this

by PC-guru In reply to Missing excel file in Vis ...

go in excel click save as under file and see what file path its saving to

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