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Missing Hard drive

By Ocean1 ·
Im using XP Pro and i can't see one of my hard drives in my computer.Its an external drive and it is connected via usb. i go to device manager and i can see it under drives but, not in my computer and i need the data that's inside of it, Any suggestions?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Missing Hard drive

Well first try a different USB port and as you can see it in the Drive Manager it's obviously there but is it showing as a partitioned Drive or just a Drive?

Does it tell you the type of Partition and if it is Healthy or just show the drive?

If it just shows up as a Drive in the Drive Manager without a listed partition Type and healthy as far as XP is concerned it is a blank drive that requires formatting. Now XP can only read NTFS and FAT 32 partitiona so if this was formatted with a different partition table it will be unreadable to XP.

If you have a Disk repair utility and you are sure that the Drive is Partitioned as either a FAT32 or NTFS you can try to repair the drive but if it has critical Data on it I would be extremly careful as a wrong move here could spell a very expensive recovery bill down the track. If the drive doesn't show as Healthy with a known Partition Table on it try it on a 98 computer and see if you can then read it if you can, then transfer the data off it reformat and then move the data back across but if you can not see the drive I would be sending it to a Data Recovery Comapny as it is a lot cheaper to try this than to mess it up and destroy the Partition information which will cost you a lot more to get the data back.

Or just to make sure that the Drive is indead dead or not working properly change your BIOS to Boot from CD and insert a Live Linux CD into the drive and boot the computer with the USB drive attached. If it then comes up as readable transfer the data across to your permant HDD and shut down remove the Linux CD and reboot. You'll them be able to do a format from the Drive Manager and copy your data back to the drive if it's actually still working.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Knoppix will work a treat I used it this week to save all the data off a corrupt 2003 Boot Drive without any problems at all. Well saving the data was the easy bit reloading the File Server was a different story and one that was annoying as I had a spare Boot Drive there for just such a problem occurring unfortunately they used it without feeling the need to get me in to redo a Cloned Drive so I wouldn't have to reload the thing from scratch.

Of course when they trashed that OS as well I had nothing at all to play with and what should have been a simple 30 minute job turned into 80 + hours of work. But they did save a Service Call when they first corrupted the original Boot Drive.

Any way lets know how you get on and if you need any more help.


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by Ocean1 In reply to Missing Hard drive

i will try to make the knoppix cd and see what happens if u get any other ideas they will be highly appreciated.


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by hozcanhan In reply to Missing Hard drive

hal gave you a long and good explanation . but , if this error is happenning after you plug and unplug different electronic equipment to your usb then be carefull with the 1.1 and 2.0 usb version thing. don't unplug a ver 2.0 and replug a ver 1.1 . Sometimes checking your usb configuration and version support from the bios helps. I am sure the disk is ok when you plug it to another PC ( provided the drivers are loaded ) . So it is a usb hardware issue .

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