Missing Hard Drive in Windows7

By carmanhere ·
I am usingg windows 7. I have had since it first cam out and have had no problems. I am a DJ in the area and I have 2 hard drives. Two Western Didgital 650 SATA drive hooked to my tower. My OS is on C while F and G are two partions that have my downloads and my MP3's. G is where my Mp3's are located. This started about 3 weeks ago, I noticed that from "My computer" that it showed jusy Drive "C". I didn't know if it went bad or not. A few days later, the drive returned. Then a few days later it was gone again.. This has happened to me about 6 times, the hard drive there and the disapearing.Ant suggestions on what I can do? I have tried to add hardware, and a device, restore and nothing seems to work for me for lack of knowledge. Any and all suggestion would be great. Thanks.

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my guess

by PurpleSkys In reply to Missing Hard Drive in Win ...

is it's on it's way out. Have a read here, see if it's helpful http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1583&page=4

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Start with the easy thing Test the HDD with the WD HDD Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Missing Hard Drive in Win ...

Data Life Guard Diagnostic for CD available here


If either drive fails the test remove it and fit to another computer and retest. If it still fails the test it's on it's way to Silicon Heaven so you need to take steps to prevent a catastrophic failure adversely affecting you.

However if it passes the second test the Data Lead, Power Supply or M'Board in the first computer is faulty and needs attention.


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Back up!

by TobiF In reply to Missing Hard Drive in Win ...

Unless you've already done it:
Time to back up. Except it it would be a piece of cake to restore the data elsewise, get a bunch of external drives and back up while you can.

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Hard Drive tests

by carmanhere In reply to Back up!

I did not forget you guys and your suggestions. I ran the first test and today (Saturday) I am going to run the second test. The first test said that repairs were made to the one hard drive. But when it rebooted all I got was to the windows 7 screen. I don't know how long it to to come to the desk top because I left it there and went to bed.
Thanks for all your sugg.

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Sounds like a problem on the C drive, then.

by seanferd In reply to Hard Drive tests

The repair may have broken something in the boot process, perhaps NTLDR.

Or you may need to do a non-destructive Repair Install, assuming the drive is not dying.

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Thank you

by carmanhere In reply to Sounds like a problem on ...

I have done both of the scans taht 2 of you recommended. Today I see my other hard drive with all my music on it. It took awhile because each time I started my PC it went into scan disk??? Not sure what it's called, but it was checking my PC for errors on the drives. It said it for some and they were corrected. This went on for about 3 starts. Then 1 time it took 22 minutes to go from the "Windows" screen to my desk top. This morning I turned on my PC, and it came up and right to the desk top and my other hard drive is there. I have to add music to it later today so I will see if that works. But right now, I want to thank everyone for their input and suggestions and the downloads. It was a geat help, and I truly "THANK YOU ALL' again for your help and support.


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The Hard Drive

by carmanhere In reply to Missing Hard Drive in Win ...

It finally came down to a bad hard drive which is still under warranty and being replaced. Thanks all for your help and sugg.

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yw - NT

by PurpleSkys In reply to The Hard Drive
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yw from me, too!

by seanferd In reply to The Hard Drive

(Is this Welsh or something? )

You can also thank PurpleSkys and OH Smeg and TobiF by Marking their Posts As Helpful. This also shows future browsers of this thread where the good answers are.

Still under warranty? Fantastic! B-) At least you don't need to buy a new one, even if you do have to transfer all the data now.

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by carmanhere In reply to yw from me, too!

Well it took some testing with it, I would say about 4 or 5 days, but after calling WD, they determaned that the drive was no good. So now I wait for a replacement. All I lost was the partition that I placed all my downloads on. That way I could always go back and get what ever I needed. Anything that I paid money for is in a different drive and a place that was not affected or lost.
Thanks everyone for their time effort, suggestions and most of all, THEIR KINDNESS. I know now where to go if something comes up again. I might even try to contact the people that helped me, if that it possable. Everyone made this situation enjoyable out of a major problem. Sort of, anyway.
Thanks again.

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