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Missing KRNL386 on Win98 setup

By KenLea1 ·
Having serious difficulty installing Win98SE, or Win'95 for that matter, on new build (new HDD -Seagate 80Gb 7200 ATA100. Hardware build seems fine, but on installing Win'98: boots to DOS no problem, loads Win98 setup files, but on reboot displays error message: 'Could not find or unable to load Device Shell, file KRNL386 missing or damaged. Please reinstall Windows'- goes straight to reboot. Spec: Athlon XP 2200+ on Jetwqay Via600 motherboard with 256Mb DDR2100 Ram,GeForce3 64Mb GPU, standard floppy, CD, kb and mouse. All components except HDD and CPU tried and tested. Reformatted and retried several times, same result with Win95 (can't get to 2000 or XP without some earlier version of Windows). Slaved new HDD to second system, Norton finds no problem on Disk Doctor, nothing on ScanDisk or Chkdisk. No other errors reported, RAM seems fine. Anyone got any suggestions?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Missing KRNL386 on Win98 ...

no, sorry, never tried to install win98 on such new hardware and i've never seen that error during setup. if i am figuring correctly, works in 'real' mode but barfs in 'protected mode'...

Charles can probably help with this...

about your comment...'can't get to 2000 or xp without earlier version'...have you tried the upgrade now, with things as they are...and have you tried having the win98 cd handy during part of installation where it looks for upgradable os? might not need to actually install win98 to be able to upgrade?
have you posted this on your motherboard manufacturers website?

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by KenLea1 In reply to Missing KRNL386 on Win98 ...

Just tried same procedure on 2nd system (with higher spec): new HDD as single drive,- problem recurs. This eliminates CPU, GPU, PSU, IDE connectors or cables. Win98 CD used dozens of times without problems, but if Win95 has the same problem, can't be Windows CD. Going to try shorting the BIOS, then HDD goes back - can't think of anything else to check. But surely a faulty HDD, if it boots at all, isn't going to generate machine errors of a Real/Protected mode type.... It ain't a 286...

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by Gigelul In reply to Missing KRNL386 on Win98 ...

Try a "manual" instalation:
-boot with a diskette with CD-ROM driver
-create partitions (a:>fdisk)
-reboot with diskette
-format the partitions(a:>format c: /s
-reboot without diskette
-make a folder on HDD(c:[enter],c:>md win9
-copy Win9x folder from CD to HDD(d:[enter],d:>copy win9x c:\win9
-launch instalation from HDD(c:[enter],c:>cd win98,c:\win98> setup[enter]

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by Gigelul In reply to

replace win9x with win98

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by KenLea1 In reply to

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by korn123 In reply to Missing KRNL386 on Win98 ...

The problem that u have mentioned is not very uncommon.This generally happens when the HDD or the o/s that u are using is unable to create a link between the other peripherals of ur computer.The Seagate 80gb 7200 ATA100 might not support the Win 98SE,u can try installing the Win 2000 or Win XP.This might also happen that the HDD is not working properly ,or either missing configuration that is suitable for other peripherals..

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by KenLea1 In reply to Missing KRNL386 on Win98 ...

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