missing meeting in outlook 2003 calendar

By james.ryder ·
Hi all,

one of our users is having trouble with some meeting requests in Outlook 2003 SP3 running on windows XP SP3. The user has access to another users calendar, and accepts meeting requests on behalf of this user daily.

Initially the user would get the "The function cannot be performed because the message has been changed" message when accepting some meeting requests, of which I could only find the solution of "upgrade to office service pack 2" which i did have already at the time. I reinstalled office and latest SP from scratch after uninstalling it all.

A week or two later the user has now found that a selection of meeting requests that were accepted with no troubles are missing from the calendar... on the meeting accepted messages it now states that the meetings must have been deleted or moved, which they haven't.

Oddly they seem to be meetings accepted on behalf of one particular person... as the user has access to a couple more calendars, although does not accept requests quite so frequently.

Also, a lot of the requests seem to come from the same person, although it has occured when other people have sent them.... not sure if that's a coincidence or not!

Anyway thought I'd see if anyone had an idea before i recreate the users profile to see if that helps. maybe resetting the users permission on the calendar may help also?

The user being sent the requests is also a blackberry user, with wireless sync enabled, if that is relevant.

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error message still occurs too

by james.ryder In reply to missing meeting in outloo ...

quick update - the error message "The function cannot be performed because the message has been changed" still occurs regularly

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Have you looked at the Synchronization errors?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to error message still occur ...

There should be a log of errors associated with Synchronization. Take a look at them on both computers/accounts and tell us what you see.

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no sync errors

by james.ryder In reply to Have you looked at the Sy ...

sorry for the late reply....

checked both laptop and PC and no sync errors in outlook.

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Have you tried....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to no sync errors

... Quitting Outlook then going into this user's mail profile on the laptop and desktop and turning off the 'Use cached mode....' under the server name, save profile, start Outlook and let it synchronize all over again. If the missing meetings are there and the error message is gone, that would confirm the cache was corrupt.

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i'll give it a try

by james.ryder In reply to Have you tried....

I'll give it a try asap and let you know how it goes....

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no sync errrs

by james.ryder In reply to i'll give it a try

I've deleted the ost file and re-synch'd the laptop that the calendar owner uses, no synch errors at all, no synch errors folder at all in folder list for the users mailbox.

The desktop user who is having the problem doesn't use offline outlook at all so no cached mode etc.

user has had two errors in the last week.

The user with the errors has also started maintaining another managers mailbox/calendar who also has a blackberry and from the last few weeks, and many accepted calendar events, there have been no errors, so if it's related to the blackberry then it's only affecting one user... that I know of anyway!

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by james.ryder In reply to no sync errrs

sorry forgot to say that can't check if missing calendar events appear after previous suggestion as when the error occurs the user manually ensures that the entry is in the calendar.

If the error occurs and the entry is non-existent then it is added manually. sometimes it is there but is shown as "tentative" so it has to be accepted a 2nd time for it to work and go to accepted status.

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What do you see in Outlook Web Access?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to no sync errrs

Can you have this user log into OWA and look at the calendar? If it's a problem with the user's Exchange profile, it will show up there. If it's a problem local to Outlook, OWA won't have any problems.

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Checked laptop user for sync errors

by james.ryder In reply to no sync errrs

no errors on webmail (or normal outlook) for this user. this user owns the calendar as per my initial message but doesn't have the problem as his PA is the one accepting the appointments. unfortunatly the PA is not in today but will check the webmail for sync errors also just in case there are any errors there.

If it is a mailbox profile problem would it be the PA's mailbox or the calendar owners mailbox that is the problem... i'd assume it's the calendar owner as it's the only calendar that doesn't behave properly?

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no errors on desktop user

by james.ryder In reply to no sync errrs

no sync errors anywhere in the web access for either user... so would this be a local issue? even though i've reinstalled office? Maybe a PC rebuild would sort it. I'll give that a try.

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