Missing NTLDR

By flyer5446 ·
I'm having trouble loaded win xp, kep getting missing NTLDR. I've tried many different approches. I'm trying a clean install. I can get part way through the install (GUI) but I get booted out of install with missing or corrupt files.

Also How to recover from bios password missing

Thanks in advance to the helpful people on this forum

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Hardware problem?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Missing NTLDR

I assume you are installing Windows XP. When you do a clean install, do you let the installation format the hard drive using the long method or the quick format?

If your installation CD is not damaged, it sounds as if you have a hardware problem. It could faulty RAM, malfunctioning CPU or motherboard.

If you have another similar PC, you can try swapping parts to narrow down the cause of the problem. Move the hard drive to another PC and try the installation there, or , if you have an installation CD for another operating system like Linux, try installing that to see if the PC boots.

A Linux Live CD like Ubuntu or Gnoppix allows you to test the hardware without installing anything on the hard drive.

If you need to access the BIOS but do not have the password, you need to turn off the power, disconnect the power cord, open the case and remove the CMOS battery for a minute. The motherboard manual would tell you if you have an option to reset the BIOS by using a jumper.

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