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Missing partition

By grantsville ·
An installation of Windows 2000 removed ALL partitions in my 20 Gig HD, to include the one with boot instructions. It now will work as a slave only.
I believe this removed the "bad sector" information for the HD... Please help us figure this one out.

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by JackieB In reply to Missing partition

You could partition the drive and ensure you select the option to make the new partition bootable. If you want to keep data, (or do not have an OS running) you will need to get some 3rd party software, perhaps PartitionMajic (sp?)to do the partitioning. Your drive may have a floppy with it to partition the drive with, or you could boot to a DOS floppy and use fdisk, but I am not sure fdisk can handle this size drive. If you are not concerned with keeping data, then just re-partition the drive and select the bootable drive option. Jackie

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by brandonh In reply to Partitions!

I recommend booting directly from a floppy that has FDisk on it. Use that to look at the partition information. You will need to have FDisk from Win95B or Win98 in order for it to handle a drive larger than 8Gb.

If you can see partitions in Option 4 in FDisk, simply make the first one active (Option 2, I think). If you can't see any partitions, you'll need to look at a data recovery solution to recover the partition table.


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by davesalisbury In reply to Depends...

Reinstall Win2k, and during the setup create 2 partitions. Make one only a gb or so. You can then point your bios setup to this drive for booting. OR make that drive the letter C: and help the boot process. Your last alternative is to get system commander software (Don't remember publisher) Install it and it should handle all you boot up needs.

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by mathew@myworldmail In reply to Missing partition

Boot up the machine using a FD, try reading the hard disk by changing the drives, if that does not work, use FDISK or FIPS utility to view the partitions in your hard drive.
If you partitions still exist, you are in luck, all your data is NOT lost.
Reinstall any OS of your choice, and salvage all your important information. Then go in for a Full HARD disk format, break your hard disk into multiple partitions of your choice, using a mixture of NTFS and FAT32.

Finally, install Win98 to yourFAT32 primary partition, and then Win2k to any other partition, Windows 2000 has multi-boot capability like Win NT.


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by Mr. Beast In reply to Missing partition

It is possible that the partition is no longer marked as active. You can mark it active using the disk administrator

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Looks like a ...GHOST....

by rrussell110 In reply to Missing partition

Have seen this once before. Assuming that you see only one drive loading-up in DOS. At boot and after counting RAM, and detecting keyboard it will beep,POST beep ( Good Boot), mouse is the initialized. Then HDD, at this part of process, press pause and visually check to verify the devices recognized, typically, all devices connected to primary and secondary controllers like Hard drive and CD-ROM, A ( Floppy) Drive and or internal ZIP drives( not in that order) but you get the idea. Also, at thesecond screen,pause it again and look at the config, you will see the drive designation, size, xfer mode,etc,etc. This is all just an exercise to verify that only one HDD is loading from DOS.
As to resolving the issue, use the Win 95/98 Boot Disk to boot to DOS. At A prompt type FDISK, Choose option 4 to displa all partitions on drive. At this point, if there is more than one you will know. Cause it will show you. Provided there is only one (partition) select option 3 Delete partition, Escand choose option 1 Create new partition, choose "yes" when prompted for LBA and if to set partition active. Reboot.
When PC reboots, go in to your BIOS, typically, Award Bioses are accessed by tapping the 'Del" key at boot, AMI is F2. Go into the second option from the top on the left side of the display and scroll down five spaces to the boot sequence. Change it to CD-Rom,A,C or something to that effect. The object is to boot from the CD-Rom. So as long as CD-ROM is the first option you're OK. Esc, F10, (Y) for yes to save changes and slap a Win95/98 CD in the tray and watch the show. The new partition will be formatted, and then OS installation will occur.
After installation your problem should be fixed. This is how we solved asimilar occurance. Later and good luck.

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