Missing parts of Group Policy for XP SP3

By jtraska ·
I am attempting to lock down an XP workstation for a customer. I have gone into Group Policy via gpedit.msc but there are parts missing. Specifically, the majority of the Administrative Templates that will really lock down the workstation. Does anyone know how I can get all of the templates?

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You will need access

by IC-IT In reply to Missing parts of Group Po ...

to a XP system without SP3.
Then navigate to;


copy those files to the same directory structure in the SP3 machine.

I wasn't aware of this until troubleshooting another system today. :-)

edited to add: Hmmm, two systems with SP3 didn't have the whole adm set.
Another that I slipstreamed with NLite has all of them.
I'll ask my Specialists how they made their disks.

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I'm running SP3 @ home

by jtraska In reply to You will need access

and I have all the Aministrative Templates in my Group Policy.

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What keys do you

by IC-IT In reply to I'm running SP3 @ home

think you need that are not present in those adm files?
This is a nice article on setting up Gpedit in Home and has a link for all policy settings;

Another option would be the Microsoft Steady State tool.

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Specific keys

by jtraska In reply to What keys do you

that I'm trying to find are disabling the Run line altogether for the Users group, disabling Windows Explorer for the Users group, removing access to the different drives (C&D) for the Users group, and disallowing changes to be made to the system by the Users group.

I know I can remove the Run prompt from the Start menue, but all anyone would have to do then would be to press Wind+R to get the Run box. I could have sworn there was a GPO for denying access to the run line, even if it was in the start menu.

I'm going back to that customer today and I'll take a look at what they do have. I'll try dropping the different files from the path you gave me and see if they show up then.

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Used the files from the path

by jtraska In reply to Specific keys

that you gave me and that gave me what I needed...I think. I took away the run line from the start menu and turned off the windows+x hotkeys.

The only thing is, any computer savy person will be able to put the Run line back into the startup via right clicking and selecting properties.

So is there a way to keep a user from accessing any of the properties of any of the desktop items so that they cannot change anything?

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