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Missing Programs in Start Menu

By buckeyenuts ·
Today I received a call that an EU was unable to see any programs in their start menu.

I went to the EU's office and sure enough that was the problem among other things. I also found that the "Recycle Bin" was not on the desktop nor was it listed in "My Computer" or in the "Explorer Window."

I also noticed that the properties for the "Start Menu" (Advanced Start Menu Options) was blank. This was also the case for the folder options; (Windows Explorer --> Tools --> Folder Options --> View (Tab)--> Advance Setting Window).

In addition to these oddities, the files that the start menu was suppose to point, where on the workstation.(i.e C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs") All the icons she needed were there, yet the program menu on the start menu said "Empty"
Anyone have any ideas as to what happened?

I checked for Spyware using Adaware, Spybot, and HiJackThis; none Made sure that the anitvirus software was up to date; it was.

I rebooted the workstation and logged in under my administrator id and received the same results.

The workstation is an IBM netvista 800Mhz workstation running WinXP SP1 and Novell Network.

I tried searching on MS's site and using various search engines, but I can't seem to come up with anything.

Any help(thoughts, ideas) would be greatly appreciated

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what AV?

by husp1 In reply to Missing Programs in Start ...

what typr of AV are you using? have seen some backdoor trojans missed with norton as well as mcafee as well as a few viri!!!

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Someones playing games on you!!!!

by Tekillaah In reply to what AV?

actually the first step you should do is talk to you systems administrator.... maybe he's the one responsible :)

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Sys Admin?!?

by buckeyenuts In reply to Someones playing games on ...

I had the sys admin involved in the process of trying to figure out what was wrong. She had know idea. I had some other admins look at it, and they didn't know either.

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AV Type

by buckeyenuts In reply to what AV?

We are using Norton AV here. Is there a better alternative?

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could be!

by husp1 In reply to AV Type

I have personaly removed norton from several different systems for home users and most were with current updates and then installed AVG. after I run a scan I have found at least 90% of the systems were infected with viri. in a corperate setting you might want to look at trend micro. I have no trust in norton or any symantic products. AVG is free for home users and I beleave the charge a minimal fee for their corperate version. ( don't realy know how much.) Kepensky is a highly praised AV as well, (did I spell that right?)

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You're barking up the wrong tree: Reply to very old post:

by jdjones458 In reply to could be!

First, I found this post string on a search for "Programs" item on the Start menu for WinXP. The original posts are from early 2005.
I agree with the assessments on Symantec: SAV is now at version 11+ and continues to create ever larger problems with their products. Yuck!
Anyway, it sounds like the problems you described have nothing to do with your Anti-virus or any infection or security breach. It does, however, have Group Policy changes written all over it. I don't know the expertise level of the network admins in this case, but it really sounds like someone has gotten into the Group Policy settings for the OU (Organizational Unit) in Active Directory -OR- the Group Policy settings for that individual computer.

So why am I responding to such an old post?
Because I found the post still exist from a search and figure someone else out there will find it as well. If they do and are experiencing the same or similar issues, they will now have another avenue to persue.

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