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    Missing Run Command and Policy Settings


    by swilloughby1970 ·

    Recently I lost access to my run command on the XP start button and access to registry editing. I was able to recover regedit through through the UnhookExec inf, however I still cannot recover the run command. A check of the gpedit offers no options for the taskbar. I am logged in as owner and can make other changes as needed.

    I thought I might have a rootkit or some malware that caused the system changes (and still believe so), however AVG, Norton, Blacklight and IceSword have been unable to locate any rootkits or viruses on the computer. Online scans using both IE and Firefox have yielded similar results with nothing being found.

    Other than a clean reinstall, is there any thing that can be done to recover access to administrator options and recover my run command? Any and all advice welcome.

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